2010.10.22: PUMPSTOREUSA Permanent link
An online store for pumps and other water-related products

2010.07.28: HANDLEY PAGE Permanent link
Handley Page
The Handley Page aircraft company was the first publicly-traded manufacturer of airplanes in Great Britain. It filed for bankruptcy in 1970 and is now defunct, but produced aircraft for more than half a century, including one that was intended to replace the DC-3. This purely speculative logo imagines what Handley Page's brand might have looked like today.

2010.07.27: CENTURY HORIZON (REVISED) Permanent link
Century Horizon
A revision to the original Century Horizon logo, this time with a more organic, hand-drawn feel

2010.07.01: CENTURY HORIZON Permanent link
Century Horizon
A hypothetical brand for an investment club

2010.06.23: OCCIDENTAL AMALGAMATED Permanent link
Occidental Amalgamated
A hypothetical brand for an investment club

2010.06.21: CHARTER & ATLANTIC Permanent link
Charter and Atlantic
A hypothetical brand for an investment club

2010.03.29: GIBBONS Permanent link
American political campaigns almost always use terminally boring logos -- the widespread adoption of the comparatively unique Obama "O" logo is the exception that proves this rule. This is an unsolicited, unofficial logo composed as an experiment in coming up with a unique campaign logo that could be used on a local scale. The subject candidate is a former collegiate wrestling coach running for Congress from the 3rd District in Iowa. The logo makes use of the wrestling mat form to echo the reason the candidate is best-known.

2010.03.26: FURLONG & BRENNAN Permanent link
Furlong and Brennan
Furlong and Brennan was a retail store located in Fort Dodge, Iowa in the early 20th Century

2010.03.25: TOLHURST MACHINE WORKS Permanent link
Tolhurst Machine Works
Tolhurst Machine Works was a manufacturing company in New York that has been defunct since the 1930s.

2010.03.18: PUMPSTOREUSA.COM Permanent link
A logo for PumpStoreUSA.com, which offers a range of water-related products (mainly pumps) online for quick delivery

2010.03.17: BRIAN GONGOL SHOW Permanent link
Brian Gongol Show
A logo for the Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio, a program whose theme is "Making money and having fun"

2010.03.16: WISE GUYS Permanent link
WHO Radio Wise Guys
A logo for the WHO Radio Wise Guys, a radio show about trends, tips, and technology